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My Missionary Shipping

Why Us

DHL is the #1 express shipping company in the world. They have 177,000 in-house customs brokers, providing a shipping speed of 2-5 days internationally! Incredibly, packages can actually clear customs while in the air! What's better than shipping with DHL? Being a member of My Missionary Shipping and using their our services for up to half the cost! we also provide discounts, typically up to 30% for domestic USPS shipping.

We save you time and stress by providing easy click and fill forms that you print from home. Also, you can schedule pick-up from your home, or do a quick drop off. With DHL you can track your package step-by-step. No more worrying about what you can send or when it's going to get there! Our customer service is fast and personalized. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have. My Missionary Shipping is the best service out there to send your package straight from your arms to your missionaries.

Tip Jar

If you Love My Missionary Shipping's service and just want to show it monetarily with a tip, we would happily accept it.  

My Missionary Shipping has partnered directly with DHL and the USPS. We offer the same shipping speed and dependability you would from them - at a discounted price. As you, the members ship through us, we grow as a group collaborative. Through our collective business, we are able to receive incredible savings and discounts from these carriers.

We at MMS have been in this industry for over 25 years. We have a successful track record and many happy members. Through our services, you will save time, money and effort when you ship packages to your missionary! Membership is FREE with no strings attached. We welcome you to our group!

About the Founder/Owner: TODD HEBDON

I am simply a guy who served an LDS mission in Hong Kong from 1989 to 1991 and found out first hand the struggles of shipping packages to missionaries overseas. I heard my parents express their frustration at the process of going to the post office, filling out forms and paying a bunch of money for a package that could take months to reach it's destination. Sometimes it never arrived and no one could tell us where it was. Maybe you can relate!

Thankfully now there is a better way. My extensive knowledge and background in the shipping industry has allowed me to provide positive experiences for missionary families. I started this business as a labor of love. I want to help fellow missionaries successfully receive their care packages with a little piece of home inside. This is the idea behind My Missionary Shipping, LLC.